Gun Safety, Taking on the NRA & Gun Lobby

I’m so proud of the work our children and grandchildren are doing to take a stand against gun violence. They’re organized, focused and driven.

As a mom of three daughters, I’m here to support and work with you to put a stop to gun violence in our schools and communities.

The U.S. has the highest prevalence of gun ownership in the world. The NRA says this helps keep us safe, yet a person dies every 16 minutes from gun violence in the U.S.
We're 20 times more likely to be murdered with guns than people
in other developed countries.
The simple fact is, you're twice as likely to be murdered if you live in a home with a gun and three times more likely to commit suicide. Proximity to guns profoundly increases the chances that you will be killed by a firearm.

The first step to resolving this issue is to admit we have a problem in this country.

Guns in schools a recipe for disaster. Yet, for far too long, lawmakers have ignored this issue at the behest of the NRA and gun lobby.

They’ve allowed loopholes that allow for the open carry of guns in our schools, daycare centers, hospitals and bars to continue for decades when countless pieces of legislation have been introduced to close the loophole.

For centuries we've been trying the the NRA's solution - "more guns". It's the quitisential example of Einstein's definition of insanity - "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

It is harder to get asthma and allergy medication, birth control, a driver's license and many other essentials in this country.

It's time to close the private and online sale loopholes so everyone is cleared by a background check before purchasing a firearm.
We must also enact a "Red Flag" law, so we can protect our loved ones in their time of need.
When residents are asked which county has the highest per capita rate of gun-related deaths in Michigan, many
often assume Wayne County. In fact, Wayne County isn't even in the top 5.
The five counties with the highest per capita rate of gun-related deaths are Alcona, Baraga, Oscoda, Luce and Keweenaw, rural counties in northern Michigan.
Many of the gun-related deaths are suicide. A red flag law will not only help us prevent the next school shooting, it will help us protect our loved ones in their darkest hour.
I want you to know that your words and commitment are making a difference and you have to stay the course, many lives depend on it.

The work are children and grandchildren are doing is changing the discussion unlike anything we’ve seen before and I look forward to working with you and great groups like Moms Demand Action to take on the NRA and enact common-sense policies to address gun violence by:

     1. Closing the private and online sale loopholes by enacting universal background           checks, because nobody should purchase a firearm without a background check.
     2. Prohibiting convicted domestic abusers from purchasing firearms.
     3. Enacting a "Red Flag" law to ensure we're able to help our loved ones.
     4. Establishing a Child Access Prevention Act to hold those who don't safely

         secure their firearms from children accountable.
     5. Closing the open carry loophole, which has lingered for decades, allowing guns 
         in our schools, daycare centers, hospital, bars, stadium and other sensitive areas.
     6. Reinstituting the assault weapon ban. At the very least, we must ban large-                   capacity magazines and bump stocks so our communities aren’t theaters of war.